Who Can Join Us

Who Can Partner with Us?

Our partnership offer is open to anyone willing to grow business and generate wealth by rendering service/creating value which helps them and others achieve their dreams. 

Our doors are open to passionate people looking to achieve success on their own terms instead of being bossed around. 

If these describes you, then you’re welcome on board!


Our Partnership Categories 


A Referrer is anyone (+18) who has registered to join the company (free) with the aim of introducing people to patronise/buy our products & services while he/she is compensated for service rendered by introducing each Referred Customer.

Terms of Referrals 

  • Subscription is free.
  • You earn 2% commission on any product or service bought by the person you introduced.
  • Opportunity to upgrade to any partnership packages.


This partnership window is open to drivers, cooks, printers, iron benders, welders, bricklayers, security personnel, painters, carpenters, tilers, Aluminium constructors, and other artisans who desire increased patronage or wish to be hired by any of our companies. 

Vendor Benefits:

As an active vendor subscriber, you are entitled to all the benefits associated to a partner including:

  • The company provides an opportunity where your service will be patronized.
  • You are in our database to showcase your service to the world.
  • The company has the opportunity to engage or patronise your service as an active member.
  • The company deals directly with you based on individual skills not third party.


  • Register by paying a non-refundable annual fee of N25,000 (or its dollar equivalent based on prevailing exchange rate)
  • You must have a vocation.
  • Ability to read and write. You must have an active bank account You must be ready to pay TAX.


A partner is anyone who offers to join & run with the group’s vision on a FULL-TIME basis. You can activate this level of partnership by paying an annual renewable, non- refundable subscription fees of #100,000 or the prevailing dollar equivalent.


  • You get a start-up package.
  • You stand the chance of being part owners of the company.
  • One of your children has access to a student scholarship in the future
  • Opportunity for members of your family to be employed if qualified.
  • You earn 20% direct & 10% indirect reward on any subscription package.
  • You earn 10% direct & 5% indirect reward on sale of land.
  • You earn direct 2% & 1% indirect on documentation fees.
  • You earn direct 5% & indirect 1% reward on any house you sell.
  • You earn 2% direct & 1% indirect reward

Why Join Us?

Through our diversified portfolios, we offer tailored solutions in the most crucial areas of your life.

Our family of companies is dedicated to empowering you and your loved ones with proven solutions for financial security and personal fulfillment.

You can trust our experience and expertise to help you thrive for generations to come.

Jarvad Group is a fully Nigerian-owned consortium incorporated under the Company and Allied Matters Act 2004. Our business operations provide top of the range solutions in agriculture, real estate, logistics, procurement, hospitality and travels & tours.

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